How To Use Singing Bowls ?

January 31, 2020 0 Comments

Often the more I play a singing bowl the more it will grow on me, I begin to resonate with the sound. Some of the singing bowls that I have been ringing regularly over the past few years are absolutely inside me. The memory of the sound is so strong I can hear them even if I am not actually playing them. When you think about a favorite song, that capacity can come into play. It is easy and natural.  You’ll buy singing bowls based on the attractiveness of the sound and maybe their looks but I’ll bet you enjoyment will expand as you play them over time and come into deeper resonance with them.

As you can tell from the above I advocate keeping your singing bowls out and ringing them regularly. You don’t need a “reason” to ring a singing bowl. One theory about the singing bowls in ancient times is they were used for entertainment. In this day and age entertainment is good and multiple benefits better. I believe the sounds from these objects are truly profound and beneath the surface of enjoyment they can confer many important benefits.Once you have your Tibetan singing bowl a whole world of possibilities open.

How to Play a Meditation Bowl

If your goal is to have the sound lead you into a quiet state of consciousness generally the best way to play the bowl is to tap it with a mallet. Concentrating on the bowl, especially the pulses of sound as they become quieter and quieter, is an excellent way to bring the mind into focus. The point where you no longer perceive the sound is your point of release from the external. My suggestion is a soft playing surface and a mallet that fits the bowl. We have a series of precision mallets designed to accentuate different parts of a singing bowl’s soundscape as well as inexpensive all-purpose mallets.  Whichever way you go,  a mallet  makes a fine choice for playing your meditation bowl.

Rim play provides wonderful and often concentrated sound, however the activity of going around the rim, paying attention to the position of the bowl in your hand and ultimately putting the bowl down can split your attention.

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